Installation Instructions

Downloadable Installation Instructions

These are our most frequently requested instruction sheets in case you have misplaced them. The instructions are printed in three languages: English, French, and Spanish.

  1. 5425Y – 25′ Wiring Harness    [ Form No. 570 92 Rev. B.pdf ]
  2. 5410 Converter     [ Form No. 5410 92.pdf ] [5410 wiring diagram]
  3. SYSWM-43 (PM19-41)     [SYSWM-43 (PM19-41).pdf ]
  4. 253SA-1 & 253SA-2    [253SA-1 & 253SA-2 Pin Out Chart.pdf]
  5. 747A-2 Installation Instructions    [747A-2 Installation Instructions.pdf]
  6. 752A  LED Low Profile Strobing Mini-Bar    [752A.pdf]
  7. 867SA-1 and 867SA-2 Strobe Light Wiring Diagram – correction and explanation    [867SA-1 and 867SA-2 Strobe Light Wiring Diagram.pdf]
  8. 505K Snow Plow Light Kit    [505K Wiring Diagram.pdf] [505K Wiring Instructions v2.pdf]
  9. 500 turn signal switch    [Form No. 500 922 copy.pdf]

Our team of factory customer service professionals are always ready to help you with any other technical questions or information not listed here on our website.

If you have any questions, please contact us.