PetersonPULSE® Intelligent Trailer System

Use data to improve your trailer ROI


Maximizing return on investment using data is the future for all businesses, and intelligent trailer systems are the next step in this journey for fleets.

The patented PetersonPULSE® intelligent trailer system provides fleets with three ways to improve the ROI of their trailer investment:

1) Improved customer experience by picking up and delivering loads on time, secure and undamaged.

2) Reduced downtime and maintenance costs by catching equipment issues early before they become expensive or cause break downs on the side of the road.

3) Increased safety by ensuring all systems are active and working properly.

Why PetersonPulse®?

– Utilize your existing trailer tracking system so you can leverage your investment.

– No subscription fees to Peterson – other solutions add multiple subscription fees that decrease your ROI every year you own the trailer.

– Add sensors when you are ready to analyze that data – we don’t force you to purchase a bundle of sensors.

– Our open architecture accommodates future needs – future proof your trailers today with a proven open CAN-bus architecture

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Notifications via Bluetooth/Cellular

Real-time notifications are sent via Bluetooth (driver) and/or via cellular network (dispatcher). Our PetersonPulse® mobile app allows the driver to inspect/verify all trailer systems before departure and updates all system status to a phone or tablet. The desktop app allows fleet-wide trailer management and repair scheduling.

GPS Tracking

Know your trailer location, whether moving or parked.

Utilization/Mileage Reports

Maximize fleet use and efficiency by knowing in-service time and downtime of each trailer as well as distance traveled.

Interior/Exterior Light Status

Advance notice of any lighting issues on the interior or exterior significantly reducing potential CSA violations and downtime.

Battery Backup

Backup battery powers the system whether or not the trailer is connected to the tractor.

Cargo Temperature

Crucial for all reefers, real-time temperature readouts guarantee your cargo remains within specified temperature limits — cold or hot.

Cargo Door Status

Know if your cargo door is secure, or when it has been opened or closed. Unauthorized cargo access alerts can be sent to either driver or dispatcher.

ABS Brake Events

Enhance driving safety and training by tracking brake incidents in real-time. ABS codes are reported as they happen and logged for early signs of driver or maintenance issues.

TPMS Tire Pressure

Improve fuel mileage and extend the life of your tires with real-time tire pressure monitoring. PetersonPULSE® also provides early warning for potential catastrophic tire failure.

Wheel-end Temperature

Monitor real-time wheel-end temperature to identify developing brake or hub issues before they become thermal incidents.


PetersonPULSE® Intelligent Trailer System

For Drivers

With a mobile device, drivers can do a pre-trip walk-around inspection to check for issues with any trailer system — a “Know Before You Go” safeguard. On the road, PetersonPULSE®’s trailer intelligence detects any issues and sends alerts via Bluetooth to the driver’s smart phone or tablet.

For Fleet Managers

GPS location data lets fleet managers know where trailers are 24/7 and if they are moving or parked. When underway, any new or developing issues are transmitted via 4/5G cellular networks as they happen. A backup battery powers PetersonPULSE® when the trailer is not connected to a tractor.

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