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Custom Solutions

If you are having trouble finding off-the-shelf lighting and harness solutions that meet your needs, let the experts at Peterson help you create the perfect solution.

We work with many OEMs in a variety of markets to help develop and build solutions to their most difficult challenges.


Custom solutions

Peterson has a proud history of working with our customers to develop innovative lighting and harness solutions to meet their needs.

We welcome the challenge to develop products that help our customers solve their biggest problems and work reliably in their most demanding environments.

In order to build custom solutions, we need to have a strong engineering team that has experience working with OEMs – big and small. Here are some highlights of the engineering capabilities we bring to your table:


  • Intelligent engineering geared towards innovative and high-value LED lighting solutions
  • Collaborative systems-level integration with vehicle manufacturers
  • Concept generation and feasibility assessment
  • Solid and surface modeling using 3D parametric design software
  • Design for manufacturability and assembly
  • Cooperative development of stylistic features
  • GD&T and tolerance stack-up analysis
  • Research and development
  • Participation in industry-related technology expositions
lighting and harness solutions


  • Thermal performance simulation on components and systems using FEA software
  • Structural integrity simulation on components and systems using FEA software
  • Analysis of customer specific application loading requirements
  • Analysis of manufacturing processes and assembly loads


  • Optical design and ray-trace analysis using state-of-the-art lighting software
  • Refractive, reflective, TIR, scattering, free form, poly curve, collimating, and light guide optics
  • Rendering and appearance simulations


  • PCB, circuit, hardware, and firmware development using groundbreaking software
  • Specialized solutions focused on reliability, cost, and manufacturability
  • Electronic circuit functional simulations
  • Partnered with multiple leading electronic solutions suppliers


  • Design for global regulatory compliance
  • Self-certified for FMVSS108 and CMVSS108
  • Affiliated with multiple governing bodies including ECE, CCC, ADR, and AIS
  • Committee participant for SAE and ECE standards development


  • Dedicated plastic engineering resources
  • Moldflow simulation and optimization
  • Warpage compensation, insert molding, and in-mold-label design methods


  • PCB same-day prototyping and quick turn production quality prototyping
  • Appearance and functional mockups
  • 3D printed preliminary sampling
  • Multi-axis CNC machining


  • Photometry and metrology laboratories
  • Environmental and mechanical laboratories
  • Infrared thermal imaging and thermocouple sensing
  • Partnered with external electrical validation laboratories


  • Resources committed to project planning, coordination, and communication
  • Project timeline creation and critical-path management
  • Certified supply chain management
  • Requirements traceability and scope control

A proud history of innovation delivering many industry firsts:

  • 1st US lighting manufacturer to earn ISO 9001/QS-9000 certification
  • 1st multi-function Strobe & Turn LEDs for the refuse industry
  • 1st single diode 4” LED round lights for intermodal chassis industry
  • 1st to utilize insert-molding technology in trailer lighting and harness systems
  • 1st guaranteed moisture corrosion-proof harness and lighting technology for trailers
  • 1st open source whole-trailer telematics with real-time monitoring for drivers and fleet managers

Many of our industry first have become industry standards, further validating our solutions are solving industry problems.

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