Peterson HQ

Peterson Corporate Group


Headquartered in the greater Kansas City area, Peterson Manufacturing is the flagship of the Peterson corporate family.

Which also includes these highly specialized companies in the following industries: vehicle safety lighting & power distribution, marine vehicles, injection molding, international sourcing and custom tooling. Their outstanding products and services further enhance Peterson’s reputation for quality and value with customers around the globe.

Quality innovations in boat lights, trailer lights, harnesses, and accessories for the marine industry.
Maxi-Seal® Technology has been around for more than 25 years, supplying Peterson customers in light, medium and heavy-duty trailer industries with top-quality sealed wiring harness systems that are engineered and manufactured to custom specifications and delivered on time.
Two locations molding the future for precision plastics for some of the world’s leading companies.
Transworld is an experienced Import Service Company specializing in international product development and component part sourcing for North American and European manufacturers and distributors.
Vector Tool & Engineering is recognized globally for its precision manufacturing of injection molds and components that conform to the high standards of the plastics industry.

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