Light Beam Pattern Definitions

Spot Beam Pattern – The spot beam is a long-range light for marking rows, fence lines, etc. and are typically used for Off Highway, Commercial, Agricultural and Racing applications.

Flood Beam Pattern – A flood beam creates a large wide pattern of light that floods an area with an extremely tall vertical and wide horizontal light pattern. These lights are typically used as work lights and back-up lights to see a broader area at shorter distances. An excellent work light to illuminate wide and short areas.

Trapezoidal Beam Pattern – The trapezoidal beam is an ideal, general-purpose work light designed for a narrower pattern for longer visibility. It is a mid-focused light pattern that provides distance lighting in the front and ditches.

Driving Lights – Driving lights produces a focused pencil-shopped beam to reach far beyond high-beam headlights. They increase long-range visibility at highway speeds and provide added safety while driving at night.

Fog Lights – Provides low, wide-angle light pattern to increase short range visibility. Ideal for added safety in fog, sleet, or rain. Both amber and clear fog lights are suitable. Amber, while not penetrating, is more visible to approaching vehicles.



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