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Harness System


Guaranteed to STOP corrosion before it starts.

PetersonPATRIOT is our newest addition to our family of harness solutions.

PetersonPATRIOT is designed to provide:

• Excellent corrosion resistance

• Reduced maintenance costs

• Reduced trailer downtime

The newest edition to our “Stop corrosion Before it starts” family of harnesses’.

If you’re a fleet manager, think what a corrosion-proof PetersonPATRIOT system on your trailers could save in maintenance and repair costs, equipment downtime, and FMCSA citations for lighting outages.

In fact, just one less trip to the repair shop will pay the difference in the price of PetersonPATRIOT versus a standard harness system.

Paired with Peterson’s LumenX® LED lighting, PetersonPATRIOT is a modular harness design warranted against defects and corrosion for a full 5 years.

PetersonPATRIOT Distribution Module

All components connect to a central hub the Distribution Module and feature:

• Industry proven Amp style connectors modified to maximize corrosion protection

• Small footprint gives you multiple mounting locations, including in the rear sill which provides additional protection

• Color-coded for fast, easy assembly

• Unique ribs inside each connector provides one-way, “poka-yoke” connection

Modular Harness

The PetersonPATRIOT’s modular approach allows for maximum corrosion protection, more economical vehicle assembly, and more efficient vehicle trouble-shooting and repair.

LumenX® LED Lights

  • Advanced optics disperse light so efficiently the lens illuminates fully, with no hot spots or dead zones, regardless of viewing angle.
  • Optics are molded on the underside of the lens leaving the exterior surface smooth for cleaner, brighter lights in dirty environments.
  • Flush mount lamps with protective recessed lens design are less likely to be damaged.
  • Pin connections are insert molded into the housing eliminating a source of moisture intrusion.
  • The 30 degree angle of our space-saving plug housing allows for easy installation and reduces stress on the wire.
  • Over-molded locking tab for secure wire attachment.
  • No potting material behind the PCB to reduce risk of heat build-up in the light assembly, which can shorten the life of LEDs.

Harness Termination/Connectors

  • Our .180 bullets and receptacles feature molded in O-rings and detents offering secondary locking for improved sealing.

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  • Ring terminals utilize adhesive-filled heat-shrink connectors. All copper conducting material is completely sealed for maximum corrosion protection.

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Integrated Moisture Barrier

Integrated moisture barrier within all wires protects the system from moisture wicking across your entire harness and lighting connectors.

J560 Connector

PetersonPATRIOT‘s rear J560 connector provides more reliable electrical connections and easier assembly.

  • Rigid polymer molding fixes pin locations for more reliable electrical connection and easier plug insertion.
  • Engineering-grade resin over-mold.
  • Molded-in, pliable gasket prevents loss or improper seating within the housing.
  • Patented snap-on flange cannot pull through mounting holes or flex under stress.


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