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Wiring Harness Solutions

Peterson wiring harnesses provide the strongest defense against moisture intrusion and corrosion available:
  • reduce safety violations from in-op lights
  • reduce lost revenue due to down time
  • reduce maintenance costs from roadside repairs
We also offer a unique smart trailer system that uses secure CAN-bus communications and an open source solution to bring telematics capability to any trailer.
Below, we summarize our wiring harness products, share a feature chart, and lists all the benefits from our systems.

PetersonPULSE Intelligent Trailer System detects and communicates real-time status of vital trailer systems so fleets can maximize their trailer ROI and improve customer satisfaction.



Peterson Defender Modular Harness System provides the strongest defense against moisture intrusion and corrosion available. Defender® carries an industry leading 10 year warranty against defects and corrosion when paired with our LumenX® LED lights.

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Our newest weapon in the fight against corrosion in wiring harness and lighting systems – the PetersonPATRIOT Modular Harness System. Fleets can protect their wiring harness and lights from corrosion, reduce maintenance costs, and trailer downtime.

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Peterson Maxi-Seal Technology has been around for more than 25 years, supplying customers in light, medium, and heavy-duty trailer industries with top-quality sealed wiring harness systems that are engineered and manufactured to custom specifications and delivered on time.


The chart below lists all the Maxi-Seal technology features and how you can get them.

Improved break-out design X X X X
Improved J560 connector X X X X
Improved bullet connectors X X X X
Sealed ring terminals X X X X
2-year warranty against defects X
Modular design X X X
IMB™ – Integrated Moisture Barrier X X X
5-year warranty against defects and corrosion X
Advanced silicone seals X X X
Heavy-duty terminals X
Dual isolated grounding X
10-year warranty against defects and corrosion X X
Monitoring of all trailer systems via high-speed network X
GPS trailer tracking X
Driver notifications via Bluetooth X
Dispatch notifications via cellular X
Optimize trailer usage across your fleet X


Improved break-out design

  • 2-stage over-molding process encapsulates the splices and adds strain relief to each individual cable.
  • Each splice is ultrasonically welded and covered with adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing.
  • Flexible strain relief, which is thermally and chemically bonded to each cable, blocking access of moisture and road chemicals.


Improved J560 connector

  • Provides more reliable electrical connections and easier assembly.
  • Rigid polymer molding fixes pin locations for more reliable electrical connection and easier plug insertion.
  • Engineering-grade resin over-mold.
  • Molded-in, pliable gasket prevents loss or improper seating within the housing.
  • Patented snap-on flange cannot pull through mounting holes or flex under stress.


Improved bullet connectors

Our .180 bullets and receptacles feature molded in O-rings and detents offering secondary locking for improved sealing.


Sealed Ring Terminals

Ring terminals utilize adhesive-filled heat-shrink connectors. All copper conducting material is completely sealed for maximum corrosion protection.


Modular Design

Our modular approach allows for the highest level of corrosion resistance in the industry, a more economical vehicle assembly, and more efficient vehicle troubleshooting and repair.


Integrated moisture barrier

Integrated moisture barrier within all wires protects the system from capillary action, causing moisture to wick across your entire harness and lighting connectors.


Advanced silicone seals/Heavy duty terminals/Dual isolated grounding

  • Advanced silicone seals provide an added layer of protection against moisture intrusion.
  • Heavy duty terminals minimize voltage drop throughout the system.
  • Dual-isolated grounding fights galvanic corrosion and increases amp capacity over the entire length of system.

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Additional Features

GPS trailer tracking

GPS location data lets fleet managers know where trailers are 24/7 and if they are moving or parked. When underway, any new or developing issues are transmitted via 4G cellular networks as they happen. A backup battery powers PULSE when the trailer is not connected to a tractor.

Driver notification via Bluetooth

Real-time notifications are sent via Bluetooth to the driver. Our PULSE mobile app allows the driver to inspect/verify all trailer systems before departure and updates all system status to a phone or tablet.

Dispatcher notification via cellular

Real-time notifications are sent via cellular network  to dispatchers. The PetersonPULSE® desktop app allows fleet-wide trailer management, tracking and repair scheduling. 

Optimize trailer usage across your fleet

Maximize fleet use and efficiency by knowing in-service time and downtime of each trailer as well as distance traveled.

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