safety lights for vehicles

safety lights for vehicles

Lighting Solutions

Peterson safety lighting products create a brighter, safer work environment. Day or night, in any weather, we deliver exceptional performance even in the most demanding environments.

  • Corrosion-proof lighting and harness system for fleets around the world. When combined with our Defender® modular harness system, you get the only harness system warranted against defects and corrosion for a full 10 years.
  • Robust lighting systems for vehicles in demanding construction and mining environments.
  • Reliable safety lighting performance for critical mobile equipment from ambulances to fire trucks.

LumenX® LED Lights

  • Advanced optics disperse light so efficiently the lens illuminates fully, with no hot spots or dead zones, regardless of viewing angle.
  • Optics are molded on the underside of the lens, leaving the exterior surface smooth for cleaner, brighter lights in dirty environments.
  • Flush mount lamps with protective recessed lens design are less likely to be damaged.
  • The 30-degree angle of our space-saving plug housing allows for easy installation and reduces stress on the wire.
  • Over-molded locking tab for secure wire attachment.

Insert molded connectors

Pin connections are insert molded into the housing eliminating a source of moisture


Air-gapped housing

No potting material behind the PCB to reduce risk of heat build-up in the light assembly, which can shorten the life of LEDs.

Which connector?

What connector is right for you?

No matter your needs, Peterson has lights that will match your requirements and exceed your expectations.

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