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A menace for the heavy duty trailer industry

Corrosion and its Detrimental Effects on Heavy Duty Trailer Harness Performance

Industry News | 01.14.21 | Carlos Romious

Truck and trailer harness corrosion has been a menace for the heavy duty trailer industry for many years. Lighting system CSA violations, unexpected roadside failures, and long-term expensive maintenance issues can all result from moisture intrusion and corrosion on trailer lights.

That’s why Peterson Manufacturing is enhancing our efforts to minimize damage to the lighting and harness systems of our customers, helping reduce costs and expensive trailer downtime. Watch our site in 2021 and beyond for information on how Peterson is working to help the industry combat the lighting system expense addressed in the following trade articles:

Don’t Overlook These Trailer Maintenance Items

Heavy Duty Trucking
September 25, 2020
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A good maintenance program needs to ensure that your trailer is up to snuff. But because trailers are often out of sight, out of mind, there are several areas that are often overlooked. We talked to fleet maintenance experts to uncover areas that may suffer from neglect.

Why Your Electrical Maintenance Program is More Important Than Ever

Heavy Duty Trucking
December 12, 2018
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Truck electrical systems have become highly sophisticated, with multiple micro-processors controlling many truck systems. The engine controls that handle fuel management and emissions, GPS/navigation systems, collision mitigation technology, advanced cruise control, cab climate control, antilock brakes, electronic logging devices, video recording, telematics systems, power inverters, tire pressure monitoring systems, and more, all tie in to the electrical system and are a potential source of added electrical loads and points of failure.

How Corrosion Causes Electrical Problems

Trucking Info
April 21, 2015
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The day will come when trucks no longer have hood latches. Where the latch was will be a sticker that says, “Do not open. No user-serviceable parts inside.” Until then, we will still have electrical problems to repair: corroded wires and connectors, bad sensors, reams of fault codes, lighting problems and, ohhh, the emissions systems problems.

Combatting Trailer Corrosion

Trucking Info
January 1, 2008
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While corrosion can attack many parts of a trailer, one area that is particularly susceptible – and one where you can really make a difference – is in wiring. There are ways to combat it, including spec’ing premium products and properly maintaining everything in the fleet.

Check back on these resources for future updates on industry-wide and Peterson-specific efforts to combat harness corrosion in heavy duty trailers.

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